• Handles for prams

    These leather handles are available in various patterns according to customers’ wishes. The materials used in our production are of highquality and have certificates marking them as“SAFE FOR CHILDREN”.

  • We design

    With the best customer service in mind, we design tailor-made handles for prams according to your specific order.
    Our handles have been recognized by leading makers of prams for the following: ROAN, ANEX, AKJAX, ARO, BABY WORD, BABY - MAX, BEBEKITTO, HARTAN, DORJAN, JUNIOR, BEXA, MATPOL, MILU KIDS, NESTOR, WIEJAR, JĘDROCH, SŁARO, TUTIS, WAMPOL, EDREMA, ZAGMA

  • Plastic parts

    Plastic parts

    -handles and hooks for bags
    - brakes
    - underwire (straight, profiled, milled)
    - underwire covers
    - flat bars for attaching the gondola
    - biza for hemming

  • Services


    - hydraulic press

    - injection moulding machine

    - stamping press

  • Patches with logos

    Patches with logos from leather oreco leather

  • Seatbelts for pregnant women

    Seatbelts for pregnant women

  • Belts for uniforms,

    Belts for uniforms,

  • Patented designs

    The Pawex company is registered in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland for handle designs for prams